Vagabonds RV Club

Laughlin, AZ Rally April 2019

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The Vagabonds RV Club exists to promote social, recreational, and informational exchange activities for RV enthusiasts that live in Robson Ranch, Eloy, Arizona.


President: Teresa Baxter 240-422-7972

Vice President: David Riker, 360-951-7640

Secretary:  Renee Kleinjan  520-876-0003

Treasurer: Judy Hylen 425-442-2572

Member At Large: Wayne Moritz

Prior President: Ron Brothers,  206-465-8951,

Program Directors: John and Alice Corbett, 520-360-1506

UPCOMING EVENTS:  See "Rallies" for details


Check out the Robson Ranch Views Monthly Newspaper for the latest information and articles on our Rallies!

DUES ARE COLLECTED EACH NEW FISCAL YEAR STARTING IN OCTOBER: The club dues will be $20 per rig starting Fiscal year 2019/2020. Please provide a check made out to the The Vagabonds RV Club to Judy Hylen, Treasurer. Vagabonds 2019-2020 Membership Application.pdf


SHORT TERM RV PARKING: Short term RV parking in Robson Ranch is allowed for 48 hours. If you have a good reason for more time you MUST obtain permission from our HOA so you are not ticketed by the patrol. Contact the HOA office.

Owners and guests are not allowed to stay in a RV overnight.


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